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from sketchbook to art journal

When I started using sketchbooks, I used the hardbound covers. I remember a number of my art teachers telling us to always keep a sketchbook and that it was a good habit to get into–and so I did. I brought it everywhere with me and I mean everywhere. I sketched and wrote notes on it.

doodle paint on sketchbook cover

doodle paint on sketchbook cover

I replaced my sketchbook every couple of years however I noticed the binding was beat up by the time I filled it. To make the binding last longer I decided to glue fabric on it.

It was the beginning of something else (circa 1995).

glued fabric and painted on sketchbook cover

glued fabric and painted on sketchbook cover

For several years my sketchbooks were used for drawing and writing. When I traveled I also used it as a travel journal, and eventually started gluing ephemera.

I think I initially saw the term “art journaling” online around 2007. When I realized my sketchbooks are art journals. I fell in love with the name “art journal”–it opened up a whole new direction and gave me license to do anything and everything in my art journals.

So now my art journals are so much more as you can see on these front and back covers.

mixed media on front cover

mixed media on front cover

mixed media on back cover

mixed media on back cover


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taking a photography class

Last spring I took a class on how to use my DLSR and I am so glad I did. Now I am not so overwhelmed with all the “bells and whistles” of my camera. I am an amateur at best but I do enjoy taking photos. I find I have more control and more confidence in using my camera.

Now, I take my camera with me more often. Last month I was at a local market (The Rood Cellar) and saw this floral display–I wanted to share the eye candy of the fall colours displayed.


DSC_0352 (800x533) DSC_0335-trmd (800x546) DSC_0354 (800x551) DSC_0366 (800x551) DSC_0336 (800x533) DSC_0334 (800x533)


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making it

I’ve been creating art for a long time and have always thought that I needed to “make it”. At the time I thought that’s how one becomes successful…but now I ask, by who’s definition?

I had wished and hoped that I would “make it” because I thought my art was significant and had relevance. I realized my art wasn’t relative in the mainstream fashion (whatever and by whomever dictates what good art is). My other thought was that I was not measuring up by someone else’s definition and so I kept comparing myself to others–that was my mistake.

Now I ask myself the question, have I failed? NO, because after a number of years of growing, learning, and living–being where I am is right and I do not need to be more than what I am capable of. I believe, the belief in self and the confidence of knowing who you are and your capabilities goes a long way than someone else saying how “good you are” or measuring one’s capabilities by popular standards.

Believing in one’s self validates who you are, what you are, and that whatever need to happen will come when the time is right. Life has an interesting way of directing one’s journey. I believe I have something to say and by creating and sharing my art, I am saying my piece.

This I know, I love creating and love what I create. It is all part of me. I appreciate and thank everyone who love what I create.

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time out

At times life becomes busy with family obligations. During these moments it is good to take some time away to re-ernergize your spirit and soul. A trip out of your city or town for a couple of days will do a lot of good. I believe (I have observed this with my friends and family and also with my own), that by going on a pleasure trip one’s mind becomes engaged and preoccupied with something new taking your focus and concentration away from the everyday routines and day-to-day worries.

Visiting friends and engaging in lively conversation, reminiscing and perhaps just sightseeing gives one a fresh outlook and gives one a break from the routine. I believe it gives you the ability to step back and be objective. We need to do this from time to time so that when we come back to our daily living we are rested emotionally and able to deal with the turmoil we left behind.

My husband and I are living the “sandwich generation”. Both our parents are going through the aging process and it is a drain on both of us, emotionally and physically. So we are taking this weekend for us and our daughter to connect as a family who care and love each other.

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writing on sand

I am fortunate to live close to the ocean. I walk on the beach on a regular basis and I love to watch the surf ebb and flow.  At times I get the urge to write words on the sand.

In some way the sand on the beach becomes another medium. There’s something cathartic in writing a word and watching the water wash it away. It has a meditative and hypnotic quality to it.


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working on my website

I continually work on my website to make it mine and it is taking a lot longer than I like (the learning curve is huge). Still it’s similar to creating a painting. Today I decided that my header needed to be tweaked. So I scanned a handwritten text to put on top of a background (a photograph of a painting).

handwritten text with acrylic paint

handwritten text with acrylic paint

Once I put the text and the background together, I wanted to hi-lite the black text so I made a white copy of the same text and inserted it behind the black text.

logo-NEWI like this much better. I’ll be cleaning it up as I go along.

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day 12…

Okay. Yes I’m here blogging but honestly…I am not so ready or prepared or wanting to blog today. My mind is full of half-form plans, fantasies, dreams, and a huge dash of reality! So I think I will post this as is (and I AM OKAY with that), add a photo (I do love visuals) and I am taking the rest of the day off.

sunrise mar07

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my art shows are back!

My friends and I were trying to remember the last time I had an an art show and we came up with the fall of 2002 (before Frank and I had Tiana, my daughter). I’ve had art shows since the early 90’s at craft fairs, cafes, galleries and at home.  It has been a while, but now I am back and fully intend to do more fun stuff to put out there! Having you come and look, admire and/or purchase my art work is a great feeling, and validates a large part of who I am. Thank you so much  for supporting your local artist and friend.

art journal page

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in the pursuit of living a creative life

As I travel this road to fulfill my dream of living a creative life and doing what I love. I know where I want to be and the road is long and I’m okay with that. It is taking me longer than I thought. I know myself to be a plodder and others may say I’m pokey however I am persistent and I do keep trying.

I’ve had a motto I have lived by since I was a little girl, “try, try ’til you succeed”. I can’t remember where I heard that but it is a favourite of mine. So where am I at in getting to my dream? Well, in October I registered on The Blog Class by Jones Design Company to improve and get my presence on-line in all ways; at this moment, I am on my eighth day of my blogging challenge; I have an art show on Sunday November 10th; then there are personal challenges and, I have not worked since mid-July. Through the years I’ve tried to fulfill my dream but life happens and I just keep trying.

So here I am.  I have time to concentrate on my dream.


writing on the beach

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