Stamp ideas…

I finally made some stamps!  So while we (my family of 3) were away on vacation this summer, I came up with some drawings in my art journal and proceeded to make them.  Making the stamps was like riding a bike–in art school one of the techniques I learned was how to make stamps with lino cut and woodblock.  Here are some pages to show you how I came up with the ideas and the actual stamps.

This page is the idea page.

from my art journal

Then I had to check them out.

from my art journal

Then I had more ideas…

from my art journal

So I needed to try out the newer ones (swirls, circles and bird).

from my art journal

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Making a messy page

My words for today are truth, action, humour–to think, meditate and do…

On another note, last night I was working on a few journal pages.  Part of the self-talk I did during this process was to give myself permission to make a mess and I don’t need to follow anyone’s rules; to let the page evolve and have its own say.

making a messy page in my art journal

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Play – Gratitude – Obstacle

I wanted meaningful words to help me through the day and I randomly picked 3 cards (from The Buddha Cards).  Having the words gives me a focus to remember throughout the day.

my art journal

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It’s one of those days

…when I am all over the place, feeling frustrated, scattered and and and…arrgh.  I need to remember to “breathe in and go deep within myself and breathe out to smile” then do something I enjoy for a while.

from my art journal

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Aha moment…

I love aha moments…this is what I think of those moments.  Life is a journey and sometimes I wonder why I am where I am.

We fill our life with the business of everyday living and sometimes we feel disconnected or discord.  A door may be open but unless our eyes are open we never get the message; sometimes I might read and/or hear something said to me but I won’t totally get it.  Then I experience an instant where something becomes crystal clear and I am present and in tune within—that is an aha moment when a dot in my life connects.  When this happens to me I feel a lightness of being and it just feels so right.  I see it as a signpost.

Each and every aha moment that comes our way changes as we change–the only thing we can do is welcome and acknowledge it and perhaps enlighten our life journey.

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Trust yourself

I painted this over just to play and ignore my inner critic.  While I was painting I kept saying to myself that this is for me and no one else; that it doesn’t matter if others will like it or not.  The phrase “trust yourself” was my mantra to keep negative thoughts at bay.  It was therapeutic and freeing to just play…towards the end I kept thinking I needed to do more to it and that bothered me so I left it for a couple days.  When I took a look at it again I thought, wait–it doesn’t need anything else, it’s finished.   So here it is.

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Life Book with Tamara Laporte

I am participating in a wonderful online class Life Book 2012 which runs for the entire year.  The purpose of Life Book is to create journal pages celebrating and honouring who I am.

It took me a few months to decide to register for the course, and I am glad I did.  It is helping me on my own journey during this difficult phase in my life.  I realized that I have not been taking care of myself as I needed and basically ran out of gas.  When I started the first lessons I felt awkward and very self-conscious of paying so much attention to my own self.  It’s narcissistic I thought, but is that really a bad thing–because I have neglected my self, my soul, my spirit until I broke; and now by acknowledging who I am and that I am important I have started my journey of self-healing along with my art, family and friends.

For now I have finished 12 lessons and they got me in the groove to spend more time in my studio (which I have not been doing for the past 3 years, yes 3–that’s too long!).  Not only am I creating my Life Book pages, I am also creating my own art.  Yay for me!



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