my messy studio

my messy studio

my messy studio

I’ve started cleaning up my messy studio because I can’t find stuff and it is a new year after all. It’s a good time to do a clean up and put stuff in the right place.

This is my work table (would you believe I have started tidying up at this point).studio - view 3

studio - view #2

A shelf for stuff.

studio shelf - Jan.2014And another table. I do need a lot of work surfaces—at times I use the floor too.

studio view 4 Jan.2014

My tray of stamps I’ve made. I tend to keep most of my tools out. Sometimes if I don’t see what I’ve got I forget about them.

studio - Jan.2014

Also have some classes starting in a few days (am so happy about that!) and it’s the real reason I am cleaning up!

And from my art journal…

art journal pages

art journal pages

Have a good week.


2 Responses to my messy studio

  1. Kay February 8, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

    Aileen, your art studio is a reflection of an artist at work creating new projects constantly. I could tell that It’s a place you enjoy being in often. It’s a good mess:) In my house there’s a tiny room that we refer to as “the craft room”. It’s always messy in there. But the moment it’s clean and tidy, the kids go right in there and start another project or two. Then I have to clean it again. Right now it’s a Big Mess with tissues, markers, tape, glue, glitter, etc… everywhere.

    • Aileen February 11, 2014 at 11:39 am #

      I must say the tidied up studio did not last very long :). I’m back to a MESS, and yes it is a good mess.

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