Life Book with Tamara Laporte

I am participating in a wonderful online class Life Book 2012 which runs for the entire year.  The purpose of Life Book is to create journal pages celebrating and honouring who I am.

It took me a few months to decide to register for the course, and I am glad I did.  It is helping me on my own journey during this difficult phase in my life.  I realized that I have not been taking care of myself as I needed and basically ran out of gas.  When I started the first lessons I felt awkward and very self-conscious of paying so much attention to my own self.  It’s narcissistic I thought, but is that really a bad thing–because I have neglected my self, my soul, my spirit until I broke; and now by acknowledging who I am and that I am important I have started my journey of self-healing along with my art, family and friends.

For now I have finished 12 lessons and they got me in the groove to spend more time in my studio (which I have not been doing for the past 3 years, yes 3–that’s too long!).  Not only am I creating my Life Book pages, I am also creating my own art.  Yay for me!



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