making it

I’ve been creating art for a long time and have always thought that I needed to “make it”. At the time I thought that’s how one becomes successful…but now I ask, by who’s definition?

I had wished and hoped that I would “make it” because I thought my art was significant and had relevance. I realized my art wasn’t relative in the mainstream fashion (whatever and by whomever dictates what good art is). My other thought was that I was not measuring up by someone else’s definition and so I kept comparing myself to others–that was my mistake.

Now I ask myself the question, have I failed? NO, because after a number of years of growing, learning, and living–being where I am is right and I do not need to be more than what I am capable of. I believe, the belief in self and the confidence of knowing who you are and your capabilities goes a long way than someone else saying how “good you are” or measuring one’s capabilities by popular standards.

Believing in one’s self validates who you are, what you are, and that whatever need to happen will come when the time is right. Life has an interesting way of directing one’s journey. I believe I have something to say and by creating and sharing my art, I am saying my piece.

This I know, I love creating and love what I create. It is all part of me. I appreciate and thank everyone who love what I create.

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