day 27…



My day started early this morning and could not get back to sleep.  So I got up, worked out and squeezed in some time to bake a dozen muffins before I got ready to drive my daughter to school. The day went fairly well considering the lack of sleep.

After I dropped her off I decided to stay in town, go to a coffee shop and wait until the stores opened (I am on a mission to find new living furniture but that’s another story). I had my journal (one of many) and took some time to write some stuff. For some time I’ve been trying to write “about me” for my website. All I can say is, there has been numerous drafts and revisions to those same drafts and I couldn’t decide how much to say and what to say. Do I say a little , or a lot. Maybe do a short biography or not. Then a thought came…how much do I and am I, comfortable to putting out there where I am so exposed! Ah then another thought…the only ones who will read are kindred spirits, family and friends. Who else? Does it matter? All these questions are like a merry-go-round. Yes there are guidelines out there but I wasn’t sure of myself.

be live - art journal page

be live – art journal page

I realize that by this time it’s a moot point because I am here, showing up and writing. So move forward, take a step, trust yourself…”be live”.


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