day 23…

Thinking of what to write and it’s not easy at all, so this will be a ramble again. I must say–what came up as I sit here–is banners (can also be referred as prayer flags) and the classes I will be teaching in the new year.

So a couple of days ago I sent out an email inviting friends to choose a class. But first here are the classes and descriptions (please note that these type of classes will be put in my website in the future).

Floorcloth:  You will create a one-of-a-kind floor cloth (28”x32”). It will be sealed, able to withstand a lot of traffic and easy to clean. Bring yourself, a vision or image you want to create plus a good dose of enthusiasm for this one day, 6 hour class! Offering a Saturday or Sunday, $50 covers all expenses and supplies. Bring a packed lunch–coffee and tea provided.

Mixed media techniques in your art journal:  We start with a handmade “upcycled art journal” for you to keep. You will learn 3 or more mixed-media techniques and some cool stuff about art journaling. Come and be inspired in this 3 hour class. Offered in the evening, $25 covers all expenses and supplies.

Banners (aka prayer flags on string):  Do you have spare fabric remnants just waiting for that perfect project–this is it! With this class I will guide you in creating your very own unique banner. This class is free and your commitment is a must. There will be 4 weeknights of 3 hrs each with homework. (Further instructions will be sent when you sign up).

So happy to see the response from everyone. I love to share what I know. Anyway I received a query from someone wanting to know what a prayer flag is. They’re rectangular shape cloths with text or symbols strung together high in the mountains. There are many examples and information on the internet as I am not an expert on this. What I did do is use the concept, and I have seen many different variations on the internet. So I did the same.

About a year and a half ago my girlfriend and I got together and did our very own banners together. We had so much fun making them and the results were fabulous. Then just last winter we got together again with another girlfriend and we each made one. It was a fun project and loved spending the time together.

banner on the beach - celebrating Tiana's Birthday

banner on the beach – celebrating Tiana’s Birthday

detail of one piece

detail of one piece

The banners we made have traveled from my home to theirs and back again and to campsites too. They’ve been used inside our homes and outside. They bring so many memories and colour to every event. They’re a beautiful thing crafted together with beautiful friends.

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3 Responses to day 23…

  1. Jacquelene Seigel November 24, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    I keep hoping that your artistic vision and a smidgeon of your talent would just “rub off” on me!
    Looking forward to working an art project with you!

  2. Kay November 25, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    Fun & Festive banners Aileen!

    • Aileen November 25, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

      Yes they are and they were fun to make too.

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