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my studio

Yup, I figured I would post a photo of my studio – just because I can’t think of anything else right now.

Studio 2013

Oh and here’s a photo of some lino stamps I’ve made.

my table

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A quandary…then

I am undecided on what to write, and the hows and such.  I keep editing every little thing I write down!  I figure it’s better to show up and start somewhere – anywhere.  So I think I’ll post something of what I did yesterday (and write without too many edits which I keep doing constantly).  Yes that’s a good place to start.

A little background…I belong to a small photo club which started during a class I took this past spring.  We usually meet every couple of weeks at a specified location and have a theme to which we focus on during our photo sessions.  We get together afterwards and have coffee, share and critique our previous assignment.

And so yesterday I took some photos down at the beach with the theme of “rock and/or abstract”.  I notice every little thing and I guess that’s how I see.  So here are a couple of photos I think gives that idea.

rock metalrock fits

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…showing up

So I’m thinking of showing up and blogging today.  And right now I have no idea what to post.  Questions abound.  So I think I’ll insert an art journal page.

from my art journal

from my art journal

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Morning ritual

I had to write this down this morning and made it my thought for the day.  “Practice loving kindness to yourself and others”.

Everyday I start my day with words that help ground me.  Before I get all stressed out I remember my words for the day to bring me back to the present and I find that it really helps (along with breathing in calmness and breathing out with a smile).

Something else that helps me to live in the present is to make origami cranes…it’s amazing how the simple act of folding a piece of paper into a crane can be meditative.

origami cranes


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Aha moment…

I love aha moments…this is what I think of those moments.  Life is a journey and sometimes I wonder why I am where I am.

We fill our life with the business of everyday living and sometimes we feel disconnected or discord.  A door may be open but unless our eyes are open we never get the message; sometimes I might read and/or hear something said to me but I won’t totally get it.  Then I experience an instant where something becomes crystal clear and I am present and in tune within—that is an aha moment when a dot in my life connects.  When this happens to me I feel a lightness of being and it just feels so right.  I see it as a signpost.

Each and every aha moment that comes our way changes as we change–the only thing we can do is welcome and acknowledge it and perhaps enlighten our life journey.

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Trust yourself

I painted this over just to play and ignore my inner critic.  While I was painting I kept saying to myself that this is for me and no one else; that it doesn’t matter if others will like it or not.  The phrase “trust yourself” was my mantra to keep negative thoughts at bay.  It was therapeutic and freeing to just play…towards the end I kept thinking I needed to do more to it and that bothered me so I left it for a couple days.  When I took a look at it again I thought, wait–it doesn’t need anything else, it’s finished.   So here it is.

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Just be you

I entered this post March 14th and am just putting it out there.

“This morning, I’ve been feeling quite edgy like something wanted to come out; and all of a sudden I’m filled with this energy  to play with abandon! I think I just had an epiphany… Words have power… play with abandon, no judgement, just be you, trust yourself, – it’s very indescribable at the moment.  I’m on fire and I’m bursting at the seams.  I am fabulous!  Since this morning I have been painting and finished this one which I called “JBY” (Just be you).”

It was a very good day.

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What can I say…I have been sad, unhappy, depressed for a few months and I can now say I am on my way back up.  Getting to this point I am taking medications, seeing my physician and therapist, being with my husband and daughter (who have been very supportive and patient with me), walking, talking to friends and most importantly creating art.  I have somehow not been taking the time and forgetting to take care of me.  It makes me think of when the airlines do that emergency blurb at the beginning of every flight they say that to get your oxygen first before you can help your child.  Weird huh.

Anyway I have some photos of sunrises from our home to share with you.  Here is one. Enjoy and have a good day.

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