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A road paved with good intentions…

yes, well, I did and I still do. It’s been 5 months since I last posted and I can come up with many reasons and excuses but let’s not go there. I will move on and just post this beautiful sunrise over Victoria.

good morning beautiful

good morning beautiful

Thank you for stopping by.

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day 26…

This has been a very long day on the computer, but I am finally registered on Etsy!

"do what you love", mixed-media painting, 12" x 9" panel board

“do what you love”, mixed-media painting, 12″ x 9″ panel board

Hurray for me. My first art work online for purchase. Feeling so relieved, excited and exhausted. So I think I will post today with a photo of my painting that is in my Etsy shop.

“do what you love”, this painting says it for me and I do what I love–it makes me happy. Love it!

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day 22…

In my world this week:

1.  Had a great teacher conference with my daughter’s teachers. So happy for Tiana; she’s done a lot of growing this past year.

2.  Sent out email announcement for classes I am teaching in my studio in the new year! So excited to start this again.

3.  Attended a concert (UVic Wind Symphony) with my daughter. I loved it but it was “boring” according to her.

4.  Sadness in our life to see our parents grow old and the challenges it brings.

5.  Am grateful for the love and support my family gives me and I hope I give back; and having friends in this circle.

6.  And my word for today is grateful.

I think I will leave this post with that in mind and a photo for reflection.


sunrise over Victoria

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taking a photography class

Last spring I took a class on how to use my DLSR and I am so glad I did. Now I am not so overwhelmed with all the “bells and whistles” of my camera. I am an amateur at best but I do enjoy taking photos. I find I have more control and more confidence in using my camera.

Now, I take my camera with me more often. Last month I was at a local market (The Rood Cellar) and saw this floral display–I wanted to share the eye candy of the fall colours displayed.


DSC_0352 (800x533) DSC_0335-trmd (800x546) DSC_0354 (800x551) DSC_0366 (800x551) DSC_0336 (800x533) DSC_0334 (800x533)


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writing on sand

I am fortunate to live close to the ocean. I walk on the beach on a regular basis and I love to watch the surf ebb and flow.  At times I get the urge to write words on the sand.

In some way the sand on the beach becomes another medium. There’s something cathartic in writing a word and watching the water wash it away. It has a meditative and hypnotic quality to it.


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day 12…

Okay. Yes I’m here blogging but honestly…I am not so ready or prepared or wanting to blog today. My mind is full of half-form plans, fantasies, dreams, and a huge dash of reality! So I think I will post this as is (and I AM OKAY with that), add a photo (I do love visuals) and I am taking the rest of the day off.

sunrise mar07

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in the pursuit of living a creative life

As I travel this road to fulfill my dream of living a creative life and doing what I love. I know where I want to be and the road is long and I’m okay with that. It is taking me longer than I thought. I know myself to be a plodder and others may say I’m pokey however I am persistent and I do keep trying.

I’ve had a motto I have lived by since I was a little girl, “try, try ’til you succeed”. I can’t remember where I heard that but it is a favourite of mine. So where am I at in getting to my dream? Well, in October I registered on The Blog Class by Jones Design Company to improve and get my presence on-line in all ways; at this moment, I am on my eighth day of my blogging challenge; I have an art show on Sunday November 10th; then there are personal challenges and, I have not worked since mid-July. Through the years I’ve tried to fulfill my dream but life happens and I just keep trying.

So here I am.  I have time to concentrate on my dream.


writing on the beach

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Yellow and bright, a happy colour–I love sunflowers. They make me smile.

It is a simple way to bring a little cheer to your day; grab yourself a bouquet or for someone you care about. It can make a difference.

DSC_0404 (800x533)

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