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day 26…

This has been a very long day on the computer, but I am finally registered on Etsy!

"do what you love", mixed-media painting, 12" x 9" panel board

“do what you love”, mixed-media painting, 12″ x 9″ panel board

Hurray for me. My first art work online for purchase. Feeling so relieved, excited and exhausted. So I think I will post today with a photo of my painting that is in my Etsy shop.

“do what you love”, this painting says it for me and I do what I love–it makes me happy. Love it!

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day 21…

Nine days left of my 30 day challenge.

What have I learned so far? Well, writing is a challenge and finding my voice is not easy. For instance when I have drafted couple of paragraphs I instantly go back and start editing—a lot! Just doing this simple paragraph is…difficult.

I sit here typing this out and think, should I just throw caution to the wind and let go? Will it work? Dare I try it out for the next nine days? Maybe so, I think I will, so here goes. It’s already started with this 2nd paragraph.

As I blog every day, I found there were some days I was really keen and then others not so much. Then I ask myself, who is this for? With my blinking cursor in front of me, I say—ME and perhaps someone out there who is willing to hear my voice. Do what I need to say relevant? Will anyone listen? I must say, I do have a lot of questions because I’m kind of a thinker and my mind meanders in every direction. I am so tempted to delete this paragraph while I ramble on. I am definitely rambling now—thoughts spoken aloud. I do this in my mind. So I stop and think. How much of me go on here? My blog, my way is it that simple?

Well I’ll try it this way then until the last day and I will see what comes of it. Yes, this will be published as is. If anyone out there has read this to here my thanks to you for listening.


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