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day 30 of 30 day challenge!

I did it and it’s definitely been a challenge. Some days writing was effortless and other times I was stuck because the words or thought wasn’t there or sometimes I was finding it a chore and did not want to do any writing at all. I am glad I did, because whether it was a good or bad day I can write something and it WILL matter, perhaps not in the moment but maybe later. And now I’ve done it and I am so happy I did  (I did miss a day and that’s okay by me).

art journal page

art journal page

So here’s my post today, short and sweet. Grateful for the opportunity to do this, grateful for you dear reader for stopping by and taking the time to visit. Just grateful to be here and now. 🙂


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day 29…of 30 day challenge!

My intent and purpose…

I started a blog in 2007 with the intent of sharing and making a connection with like-minded people and develop a relationship with them. Initially I thought I would blog and do it regularly (I had good intentions) but time passed and now it’s 2013. On reflection, there were many reasons for not blogging regularly. Perhaps I wasn’t ready and  it was not the right time in my life.

I needed the time to gain confidence, to grow, to learn about myself–who I am and how I fit in this world. I needed to know what I am about, what is most important in my life. I needed to see myself without the rose-coloured glasses. I needed to be brave. It’s taken me quite a number of years to get to here and I needed those years. It’s all about the experiences in our life–learning and growing.

art journal page

art journal page

Art matters, and has helped me and is helping me continue to grow in so many ways. When I needed it most, art saved me (sounds kinda cliché but true) because what I am about comes from deep within my soul (my family and friends who know me–will likely agree).

Before going to art school, I was working in an office and thinking daily over and over again “is this all there is”? I knew I needed to do something; I thought long and hard what I really wanted out of my life and what matters most to me. That was when I decided to go to art school to pursue what I loved but had ignored until then. It was a lifesaver and food for my soul. I graduated from art school but did not pursue an “art career” however I happily created art in my spare time (and worked as a secretary).

The next time art saved me was during a dark time in my life. I didn’t realize I had let my art slide while I was putting all my energy towards my husband and daughter. In essence I was ignoring a part of my soul and my well-being. Art became my therapy and it is what helped me through those dark days.

art journal page

art journal page

And now it is my time, and I am ready to share with you my art–that is my intent and purpose.

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day 28…of 30 day challenge!

I do my art journaling whenever I feel the need or just to have a little colour in my day. It is a space where I can pour my heart and soul into by many layers of paint, collage, drawing, text, etc. later on everything settles, and I am calmer. These pages are a repository of my hopes, dreams, and most of everything in my life (good and bad). This is my therapy.

art journal pages

art journal pages
art journal pages

art journal pages

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day 27…



My day started early this morning and could not get back to sleep.  So I got up, worked out and squeezed in some time to bake a dozen muffins before I got ready to drive my daughter to school. The day went fairly well considering the lack of sleep.

After I dropped her off I decided to stay in town, go to a coffee shop and wait until the stores opened (I am on a mission to find new living furniture but that’s another story). I had my journal (one of many) and took some time to write some stuff. For some time I’ve been trying to write “about me” for my website. All I can say is, there has been numerous drafts and revisions to those same drafts and I couldn’t decide how much to say and what to say. Do I say a little , or a lot. Maybe do a short biography or not. Then a thought came…how much do I and am I, comfortable to putting out there where I am so exposed! Ah then another thought…the only ones who will read are kindred spirits, family and friends. Who else? Does it matter? All these questions are like a merry-go-round. Yes there are guidelines out there but I wasn’t sure of myself.

be live - art journal page

be live – art journal page

I realize that by this time it’s a moot point because I am here, showing up and writing. So move forward, take a step, trust yourself…”be live”.


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day 26…

This has been a very long day on the computer, but I am finally registered on Etsy!

"do what you love", mixed-media painting, 12" x 9" panel board

“do what you love”, mixed-media painting, 12″ x 9″ panel board

Hurray for me. My first art work online for purchase. Feeling so relieved, excited and exhausted. So I think I will post today with a photo of my painting that is in my Etsy shop.

“do what you love”, this painting says it for me and I do what I love–it makes me happy. Love it!

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day 25…

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

example of student floorcloth

Next up is Floorcloth–I thought I would continue with the same theme from the 2 previous blogs.

A number of years ago I had floorcloth classes and my thought was to have a finished product at the end of the day–something colourful and unique to take home. I encouraged each one to bring an image to the class to work on; I recall that  everyone were eager, enthusiastic and had so much fun creating and painting.

I am not changing much for these classes and will follow my previous principles. The size of the floorcloth is 2’x3′ primed canvas ready to draw and paint (all supplies are included). The class usually starts at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I found these in one of my photo albums from photos I took of some students’ floorcloth at the time.

It was so good and such fun teaching and guiding all these eager souls. It is sooo good for my soul and I am looking forward to doing it again.

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day 24…

I am continuing yesterday’s post about my classes.

Mixed media art journal–I made this video in September presenting the upcycled art journal I made (please be patient as I am new at video recording and it’s another 1st–uploaded my first video in youtube). 

The upcycled art journals are made of not-so-new acrylic paintings on canvas, used watercolour and printmaking papers. I have had all these materials with me for 20+ years and I couldn’t throw them or burn them. The paper where artworks I created with watercolour and acrylic paints with calligraphic brush strokes. A small number were sold at the time and the rest I have stashed. Surfing the net gave me an idea to repurpose these materials into art journals. I watched Teesha Moore, France Papillon, Donna Downey and Lee of CrafyLoops for inspiration on making art journals.

transformed paper stash

transformed paper stash

I have A LOT of paper and my intention is to make art journals to sell at a reasonable price until all this paper is gone. I suppose you can say they’re a limited edition. I’m trying to clean up and make these until all my stash is gone (did I mention I have A LOT!). The art journals are in two sizes, 8″x5″ and 9″x6″, 10 folio in 1 signature. At the moment the cover is gessoed canvas but that can change depending on what I have on hand. The watercolour and printmaking papers are porous and need to be primed using gesso prior to use of any medium. Thereafter you can do anything on them.

I love the fact that I am able to reuse all this beautiful paper!

art journal page in my upcycled art journal

art journal page in my upcycled art journal

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day 23…

Thinking of what to write and it’s not easy at all, so this will be a ramble again. I must say–what came up as I sit here–is banners (can also be referred as prayer flags) and the classes I will be teaching in the new year.

So a couple of days ago I sent out an email inviting friends to choose a class. But first here are the classes and descriptions (please note that these type of classes will be put in my website in the future).

Floorcloth:  You will create a one-of-a-kind floor cloth (28”x32”). It will be sealed, able to withstand a lot of traffic and easy to clean. Bring yourself, a vision or image you want to create plus a good dose of enthusiasm for this one day, 6 hour class! Offering a Saturday or Sunday, $50 covers all expenses and supplies. Bring a packed lunch–coffee and tea provided.

Mixed media techniques in your art journal:  We start with a handmade “upcycled art journal” for you to keep. You will learn 3 or more mixed-media techniques and some cool stuff about art journaling. Come and be inspired in this 3 hour class. Offered in the evening, $25 covers all expenses and supplies.

Banners (aka prayer flags on string):  Do you have spare fabric remnants just waiting for that perfect project–this is it! With this class I will guide you in creating your very own unique banner. This class is free and your commitment is a must. There will be 4 weeknights of 3 hrs each with homework. (Further instructions will be sent when you sign up).

So happy to see the response from everyone. I love to share what I know. Anyway I received a query from someone wanting to know what a prayer flag is. They’re rectangular shape cloths with text or symbols strung together high in the mountains. There are many examples and information on the internet as I am not an expert on this. What I did do is use the concept, and I have seen many different variations on the internet. So I did the same.

About a year and a half ago my girlfriend and I got together and did our very own banners together. We had so much fun making them and the results were fabulous. Then just last winter we got together again with another girlfriend and we each made one. It was a fun project and loved spending the time together.

banner on the beach - celebrating Tiana's Birthday

banner on the beach – celebrating Tiana’s Birthday

detail of one piece

detail of one piece

The banners we made have traveled from my home to theirs and back again and to campsites too. They’ve been used inside our homes and outside. They bring so many memories and colour to every event. They’re a beautiful thing crafted together with beautiful friends.

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day 22…

In my world this week:

1.  Had a great teacher conference with my daughter’s teachers. So happy for Tiana; she’s done a lot of growing this past year.

2.  Sent out email announcement for classes I am teaching in my studio in the new year! So excited to start this again.

3.  Attended a concert (UVic Wind Symphony) with my daughter. I loved it but it was “boring” according to her.

4.  Sadness in our life to see our parents grow old and the challenges it brings.

5.  Am grateful for the love and support my family gives me and I hope I give back; and having friends in this circle.

6.  And my word for today is grateful.

I think I will leave this post with that in mind and a photo for reflection.


sunrise over Victoria

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day 21…

Nine days left of my 30 day challenge.

What have I learned so far? Well, writing is a challenge and finding my voice is not easy. For instance when I have drafted couple of paragraphs I instantly go back and start editing—a lot! Just doing this simple paragraph is…difficult.

I sit here typing this out and think, should I just throw caution to the wind and let go? Will it work? Dare I try it out for the next nine days? Maybe so, I think I will, so here goes. It’s already started with this 2nd paragraph.

As I blog every day, I found there were some days I was really keen and then others not so much. Then I ask myself, who is this for? With my blinking cursor in front of me, I say—ME and perhaps someone out there who is willing to hear my voice. Do what I need to say relevant? Will anyone listen? I must say, I do have a lot of questions because I’m kind of a thinker and my mind meanders in every direction. I am so tempted to delete this paragraph while I ramble on. I am definitely rambling now—thoughts spoken aloud. I do this in my mind. So I stop and think. How much of me go on here? My blog, my way is it that simple?

Well I’ll try it this way then until the last day and I will see what comes of it. Yes, this will be published as is. If anyone out there has read this to here my thanks to you for listening.


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