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anything is possible

To bring possibilities and choices in your life one must have courage and overcome fear.  Fears are imagined and groundless because nothing has happened yet; when you take the first step and see what unfolds perhaps it is not as terrible as imagined.  This is something I keep in mind when I am afraid to take that first step or even start a painting or a new page in my art journal.  I say to myself be brave and put aside my doubts–take that step; from there I get to explore possibilities in life and in my art.

be brave

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do what you love

It makes a happier you.  I find it so true for me.

Doing what you love gives you that feel good feeling; and I believe it is infectious–it’s a good thing.  We need “feel good” shots daily–makes us a better person, makes for a better day and who knows it can touch others in a good way.

Doing what I love gives me joy.  Try it.

a journal page

a journal page

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handmade art journals

I am making art journals because I have so much paper!  I have had these paper from printmaking and watercolour painting days.  I’ve collected and moved this stash for about 15+years and I didn’t want to destroy or trash them.  Then I saw all these handmade art journals by way of blogs and YouTube tutorials (Teesha Moore, Donna Downey and  CraftyLoops).   I thought…That’s it! I am going to make upcycled handmade art journals using my inked and paint splattered paper.

This was the beginning of a new project and I love it. It solved my dilemma of what to do with my stash.  Yes they do have artwork on them but they are wonderful paper (paper size is 22″x30″ and are of BFK Rives, Arches, Stonehenge to name a few).  So I have torn these paper to a couple of journal sizes (9″x6″ and 8″x5″).  Each one is covered with a gessoed canvas, and used a pamphlet stitch with a signature of 20 9”x6” pages (40 pages front and back) acid free printmaking and watercolour papers.

Yes the pages are a mixture of blank and painted pages but it is so fun to play.  I have found that blank pages can be intimidating and frightening to mar all that whiteness!  I found that seeing the colours throughout my handmade art journal made it easier for me to fill the pages with mixed-media.  I glue, collage, gesso, paint, doodle, draw and play in my art journal.

almost done, button enclosure to be sewn on right hand side of the canvas cover

almost done, button enclosure to be sewn on right hand side of the canvas cover

some of my paper stash, paint splatter and all. Transformed art journals.

some of my paper stash, paint splatter and all

transformed paper stash

transformed paper stash

transformed art journals

transformed art journals

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blogging daily for 30 days!


Yes I am putting myself out there. My aim is to blog daily for 30 days. I have many things to say and then when I try to pin one down it just slips away. Maybe I’ll just ramble on and see what happens. I have projects on the go and the most important is my art show (in my studio) coming up November 10th. I have a lot of small paintings, note cards, and handmade art journals.  But before I get into that I think I better post this.  It’s only taken me half the day to pick out a photo to attach to this post which is appropriate in my thinking. So here goes…

DSC_0387 (567x800)

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Shadows and silhouettes

This all came about from a walk on a sunny morning on the beach.  I saw my shadow and loved the shape it made on the sand so I took some photos on my phone.  This is how this idea progressed (and I actually documented it!).

Taking a photo (one of many) on the beach.

my shadow


Drawing it out in my sketchbook/art journal

Shadow sketches - 1


Shadow sketch - 2

Shadow sketch - 3

Then I made a few stencils and have a series of paintings called Shadows & Silhouette Ladies.  Here’s one of them.

Shadow & Silhouette series

…oh my,  I actually posted something.


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Stamp ideas…

I finally made some stamps!  So while we (my family of 3) were away on vacation this summer, I came up with some drawings in my art journal and proceeded to make them.  Making the stamps was like riding a bike–in art school one of the techniques I learned was how to make stamps with lino cut and woodblock.  Here are some pages to show you how I came up with the ideas and the actual stamps.

This page is the idea page.

from my art journal

Then I had to check them out.

from my art journal

Then I had more ideas…

from my art journal

So I needed to try out the newer ones (swirls, circles and bird).

from my art journal

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Making a messy page

My words for today are truth, action, humour–to think, meditate and do…

On another note, last night I was working on a few journal pages.  Part of the self-talk I did during this process was to give myself permission to make a mess and I don’t need to follow anyone’s rules; to let the page evolve and have its own say.

making a messy page in my art journal

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