A quandary…then

I am undecided on what to write, and the hows and such.  I keep editing every little thing I write down!  I figure it’s better to show up and start somewhere – anywhere.  So I think I’ll post something of what I did yesterday (and write without too many edits which I keep doing constantly).  Yes that’s a good place to start.

A little background…I belong to a small photo club which started during a class I took this past spring.  We usually meet every couple of weeks at a specified location and have a theme to which we focus on during our photo sessions.  We get together afterwards and have coffee, share and critique our previous assignment.

And so yesterday I took some photos down at the beach with the theme of “rock and/or abstract”.  I notice every little thing and I guess that’s how I see.  So here are a couple of photos I think gives that idea.

rock metalrock fits

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